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CutterPillar Glow Ultra Light Tablet (Lightbox) w/Grided Mat

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A beautifully-illuminated ULTRA big light table for all your crafting projects, this advanced LED technology offers crafters, quilters, and creators alike a new way to see and engage with a project. The brilliantly-lit work surface illuminates your medium with 3 different levels of light. The Glow Ultra comes standard with a non-slip, self-healing cutting mat and is a larger size, perfect for your fabric projects. When you need a larger light for your project, the Glow Ultra is the light board for you!
- Glow Ultra - 19in x 26in with 24in x 17in lit area.
- Includes 19in x 26in Self-healing mat and a A/C 110 V power cord

  • Color: White
  • Made of: Plastic
  • Use: Mat and Lighted Table
  • Size: 19in x 26in
  • Included: One Light Tablet and Grided Mat