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32-Point Mariner's Compass Book and Ruler Combo by Robin Ruth Design

If this item is showing out of stock, please call us at (256)325-1840 or email to be contacted when item is back in stock.

Works with the Skinny Robin 16-Point and/or Fat Robin 16-Point Mariner’s Compass Book and Ruler Combo to create 32-Point Mariner's Compass Blocks. Included is a 28-page Instruction Book, 32-Point Ruler, Angle Transparency (affix this to your own straight edge ruler to have the angles necessary to make these 32-point compass blocks), and a 17"x22" pattern sheet with the center templates needed for the Skinny and Fat 32-point Sunflower blocks (all other center templates are contained on the pattern sheets included with the Skinny Robin 16-Point and Fat Robin 16-Point Book and Ruler Combos).