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Our Quilting Services

Edge to Edge Quilting

Our edge to edge price is 0.02 per square inch. To calculate your cost measure the length and the width and multiply. Then multiply the total by .02 and that is your quilting charge.
80 x 80 = 6400
6400 x .02 = $128.00
** We have a minimum charge of 50.00 due to the time involved in the loading of the longarm frame, consultation, and pickup.

T-Shirt Quilts

Our INNOVA Longarms are industrial professional grade machines that are able to glide smoothly through multiple layers of heavy fabric and stabilizer giving you a flawless stitch and a beautiful memory quilt. We also make t-shirt quilts so bring us the shirts and we will preserve those memories for years to come.

Other Quilting Services 

We provide binding and label services too.